Juan Ponce de Leon

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Juan Ponce de Leon.

1. In what country was Juan Ponce de Leon born?
a. England
b. Portugal
c. France
d. Spain
e. Italy

2. When was Juan Ponce de Leon born?
a. 1474
b. 1610
c. 1687
d. 1728
e. 1801

3. What is Juan Ponce de Leon most known for?
a. Exploring the South Pacific
b. Exploring the Louisiana Territory and the Pacific Northwest
c. Conquering the Inca Empire
d. Exploring Florida and searching for the Fountain of Youth
e. Led the first expedition to circumnavigate the globe

4. What job did Juan Ponce de Leon have as a young boy growing up in Spain?
a. Painter
b. Pig herder
c. Farmer
d. Blacksmith apprentice
e. Squire

5. What famous explorer did Ponce de Leon join on his second expedition to the New World?
a. Vasco da Gama
b. Christopher Columbus
c. Hernan Cortes
d. Henry Hudson
e. Ferdinand Magellan

6. On what island did Ponce de Leon establish the first Spanish settlement and later become governor?
a. Hispaniola
b. Cuba
c. Puerto Rico
d. Jamaica
e. Roanoke

7. What land did Ponce de Leon discover and name while searching for new islands north of Puerto Rico?
a. Florida
b. Cuba
c. Jamaica
d. Mexico
e. Texas

8. True or False: There is little evidence that Ponce de Leon was actually searching for the Fountain of Youth?

9. Why did Ponce de Leon return to Florida in 1521?
a. To map the coastline
b. To fight the natives
c. To search for gold
d. To establish a Spanish colony
e. To fight the English

10. How did Juan Ponce de Leon die?
a. He died of malaria on the Island of Puerto Rico
b. His ship sunk off the coast of Cuba
c. He was assassinated by his men
d. He died of old age in Spain
e. He was shot in the thigh with a poisoned arrow

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