Hernan Cortes

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Hernan Cortes.

1. In what country was Hernan Cortes born?
a. Spain
b. Portugal
c. France
d. Italy
e. England

2. When was Hernan Cortes born?
a. 1340
b. 1392
c. 1411
d. 1485
e. 1522

3. What is Hernan Cortes most known for?
a. Exploring the South Pacific
b. Starting the European exploration of America
c. Conquering the Aztec Empire
d. First to circumnavigate the globe
e. First to visit the South Pole

4. On what island did Cortes live and work as a notary when he first arrived in the New World?
a. Jamaica
b. Puerto Rico
c. Trinidad
d. Martinique
e. Hispaniola

5. What was the name of the Aztec emperor when Cortes arrived in Mexico?
a. Tizoc
b. Montezuma II
c. Acamapichtli
d. Itzcoatl
e. Ahuitzotl

6. What was the name of the Aztec capital city that Cortes conquered?
a. Tenochtitlan
b. Cholula
c. Chichen Itza
d. Palenque
e. Tulum

7. What governor of Cuba helped Cortes at first, but then sent an army against him in Mexico?
a. Charles I
b. Pizarro
c. Marina
d. Velasquez
e. Montezuma

8. What name did Cortes give the capital city of the Aztecs after he took control?
a. Guadalajara
b. Puebla
c. Mexico City
d. Juarez
e. Tijuana

9. What position did Cortes receive after he conquered the Aztecs?
a. Captain in the army
b. Governor of New Spain
c. Mayor of Juarez
d. King of Spain
e. King of the Aztecs

10. What body of water was originally named the Sea of Cortes?
a. Gulf of Mexico
b. Lake Chapala
c. San Juan River
d. Magdalena Bay
e. Gulf of California

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