Ferdinand Magellan

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Ferdinand Magellan.

1. In what country was Ferdinand Magellan born?
a. Spain
b. Portugal
c. France
d. Italy
e. England

2. When was Ferdinand Magellan born?
a. 1480
b. 1610
c. 1687
d. 1728
e. 1801

3. What is Ferdinand Magellan most known for?
a. Exploring the South Pacific
b. Exploring the Louisiana Territory and the Pacific Northwest
c. Mapping the Hudson River and the North Atlantic
d. First European to sail from Europe to India by going around Africa
e. Led the first expedition to circumnavigate the globe

4. Who paid for Magellan's expedition?
a. Queen Elizabeth I
b. King of Portugal
c. Charles the Bold and Louis XII of France
d. King Charles V of Spain
e. King of Austria

5. Which of the following ships was NOT a part of Magellan's voyage?
a. Trinidad
b. Santiago
c. Santa Maria
d. Victoria
e. San Antonio

6. What continent did Magellan sail south of at the start of his voyage?
a. Asia
b. Europe
c. Africa
d. Antarctica
e. South America

7. What did Magellan call the Straits of Magellan when he first discovered the passage?
a. All Saints' Channel
b. Bohai Strait
c. Les Saints Passage
d. Anguilla Channel
e. King Charles Straits

8. What ocean did Magellan find on the other side of the Straits of Magellan?
a. Indian Ocean
b. Pacific Ocean
c. Atlantic Ocean
d. Southern Ocean
e. Arctic Ocean

9. How did Magellan die?
a. His ship sunk somewhere in the Pacific Ocean
b. He was killed by pirates in the Indian Ocean
c. He was killed by local tribes in the Philippine Islands
d. He died of malaria while exploring Australia
e. He died of old age in Spain

10. What ship was the only ship to make it all the way back to Spain?
a. Trinidad
b. Santiago
c. Santa Maria
d. Victoria
e. San Antonio

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