Daniel Boone

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Daniel Boone.

1. In what British colony was Daniel Boone born?
a. New York
b. Pennsylvania
c. Carolina
d. Maryland
e. Virginia

2. What was Daniel Boone's occupation?
a. Pioneer and hunter
b. Plantation owner
c. Army general
d. President of the United States
e. Governor of Virginia

3. When was Daniel Boone born?
a. 1601
b. 1633
c. 1690
d. 1734
e. 1820

4. What was Daniel Boone most known for?
a. First to circumnavigate the globe
b. First man on the moon
c. First to the top of Mount Everest
d. Exploring the South Pacific
e. Exploring and settling the frontier of Kentucky

5. What Native American peoples taught a young Daniel Boone how to hunt, trap, and track animals?
a. Mohawk
b. Osage
c. Delaware
d. Shawnee
e. Cherokee

6. What war did Daniel take part in starting in 1754?
a. Revolutionary War
b. French-Indian War
c. King Philip's War
d. Creek War
e. First Seminole War

7. What was the Cumberland Gap?
a. A long-range rifle used by Daniel Boone
b. The name of Daniel Boone's settlement in Kentucky
c. The place where Daniel Boone was nearly killed during the war
d. A narrow pass through the Appalachian Mountains
e. The name of the plantation where Daniel Boone grew up

8. What was the name of the trail that Daniel Boone and his men built to help people travel to Kentucky?
a. Wilderness Trail
b. Cumberland Trail
c. Boone Trail
d. Kentucky Trail
e. Frontier Trail

9. What was the name of the settlement that Daniel Boone established in Kentucky?
a. Danielsville
b. Boone Town
c. Wilderness City
d. New Virginia
e. Boonesborough

10. Which of the following skills was Daniel Boone most known for?
a. Sailing
b. Shooting
c. Farming
d. Diplomacy
e. Writing

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