Cesar Chavez

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Questions on this quiz are based on information from
Cesar Chavez.

1. Where was Cesar Chavez born?
a. California
b. New Mexico
c. Mexico
d. Arizona
e. Texas

2. What event caused Cesar Chavez's family to lose their farm?
a. World War II
b. The Great Depression
c. Roaring Twenties
d. Cold War
e. Vietnam War

3. What did Cesar's family have to do in order to survive?
a. They became migrant workers
b. They moved to California
c. They worked in the fields
d. All of the above
e. None of the above

4. What poor working condition did Cesar and his family have to deal with?
a. Long hours
b. No bathrooms
c. No breaks
d. No clean water
e. All of the above

5. What happened to migrant workers who complained about the poor working conditions?
a. They were fired
b. They were promoted
c. They were given clean water
d. They were given a day off
e. They got raises

6. What was the name of the union that Cesar Chavez founded?
a. Teamsters
b. United Food and Commercial Workers
c. National Farm Workers Association
d. United Association
e. American Federation of Labor

7. True or False: Forming a union was difficult because workers were scared they would lose their jobs or get hurt.

8. What was the result of the grape workers march that Cesar Chavez led to Sacramento?
a. The grape workers were fired
b. Cesar Chavez was thrown in jail
c. The grape workers kept their jobs, but were paid less
d. Many of the grape workers' conditions were met
e. Cesar lost his job as head of the union

9. What did Cesar Chavez do in order to bring attention to his cause?
a. Burned buildings
b. Destroyed crops
c. Led violent protests
d. Chained himself to trees
e. Fasted

10. What was Cesar Chavez's motto in English?
a. Workers of the world, Unite!
b. Yes, it can be done!
c. No Gods, No Masters
d. Escape if you can
e. Right to work

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