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Ducksters Premium

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What is Ducksters Premium?

Ducksters Premium is a version the www.ducksters.com website without the ads. It is located at www.ducksterspremium.com.

There may also be some pages that can only be accessed by Ducksters Premium members from time to time. Some content and activities may, at times, only be available on Ducksters Premium. This may be temporary and content could be reactivated on the regular Ducksters site. Again, the main feature of Ducksters Premium is no advertising.

Have More Questions?

You can learn more about Ducksters Premium at our FAQ page.

Note: There may still be some ads on third party content, but these should be very rare. The search function is also removed in order to prevent any ads. If you see any ads on the Ducksters Premium pages, please let us know so we can remove them.

What options are available?

We have the following 1 year subscription options:
Individual (1 user) -- $24
Classroom (up to 40 users in a single classroom) -- $49
Small school (for a single school with less than 500 students) -- $199
Large school (for a single school with more than 500 students) -- $249

Each subscription comes with a single username/password combination you select at signup. This username/password is shared with the other users under the larger subscription packages.

* Currently, we can only take orders from within the United States.

You can learn more about Ducksters Premium at our FAQ page.

Click here to order Ducksters Premium.

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