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1. Hatshepsut ruled over what ancient civilization?
a. Rome
b. Greece
c. China
d. Egypt
e. Babylonia

2. Who did Hatshepsut marry?
a. Her cousin
b. A great general
c. Her step-brother
d. Her father
e. The high priest

3. What was Hatshepsut's title while her nephew Thutmose III was pharaoh of Egypt?
a. Queen
b. Regent
c. Pharaoh
d. Vizier
e. She didn't have a title or power

4. How did Hatshepsut become pharaoh of Egypt?
a. She was given the title after her father died
b. She had her step-brother killed
c. She defeated the army of the current pharaoh
d. She took the title while ruling as regent
e. She never became pharaoh

5. Which of the following best describes Egypt under the rule of Hatshepsut?
a. A time of war and expansion
b. A time of famine and starvation
c. A time of war, but economic prosperity
d. A time of riots and internal uprisings
e. A time of peace and prosperity

6. Around how long did Hatshepsut rule Egypt as pharaoh?
a. 2 years
b. 5 years
c. 10 years
d. 20 years
e. 40 years

7. How did Hatshepsut get the people to think of her as Pharaoh?
a. Constructing temples and buildings
b. Wearing a pharaoh's headdress
c. Building statues of herself throughout Egypt
d. Claiming to be the daughter of a god
e. All of the above

8. True or False: Hatshepsut was born a slave, but worked her way up to power over several years.

9. How did Hatshepsut help to make Egypt a wealthy nation?
a. By conquering other countries
b. By using slaves to mine for gold
c. By encouraging trade with other countries
d. By building large pyramids that attracted tourists from around the world
e. She didn't, the country became poor under her rule

10. True or False: It was common for Egyptian royalty to marry a close relative, even a sibling.

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